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  • Can I post your strips/fanart in my blog/page??

No, if you want to share please put a link to my blog

  • But what if I credit you?

Sorry, but still no

  • Can I use you art to make something?

It depends, please send me a PM or a mail to discuss it

  • I'm worse than Sho at art, could I request you to make something for me?

Sure!!! PM me or send me a mail  *the only condition I have is that I must put my credit on it*  or I'm starting to think about making some contests *easy ones* so you can win a unique fanart too!!!

  • I saw someone selling merchandise that looks a lot like your art...

NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DO THAT!!! TT plz send me a link to that page and also don't encourage this behavior by buying those things

  • Do you sell things based on your fanart?

Not yet

  • About the strips... are you just translating them from other source??

No, I made all of them from scratch so please don't try to steal them, be respectuf to my work

  • I love the strips!!! but I haven't been able to read all of them... where can I find them??

Right now most of them are on DA *not the newer ones* or you can search them on vox by using the tags, I have various collections:
Nino's -Mischievous Game *before Reasons*
Jun's - Loving DoS
Ohno - Riida's Bits
Aiba- Aibaado Blues
Sho- Maximum Chesto
Various + Drama related ones - Arashi's World
Pantsusquad - Smack

  • Do you have a published book that compiles them?


  • Since when have you been making those?

Since 2007

  • Can I take the gifs for my blog?

Sure!!! that's why I share them

  • Is it true that you hate latins?

Yes!!! I hate those ppl!!! *kidding*
the thing about latins is a little sarcastic in joke, about the "Oh so famous gift girl"... everyone I know got embarrased by her behavior and she justified herself by saying she did that because she's latin, which implies that all latins aren't capable of following rules...

There... if you have another question plz leave a comment



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