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the LJ cut

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More text icons
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credit is nice but not necessary

working on Lestrade's... he's difficult! :(

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loving all of these, again - will have to come back and snag later

archenemy one is particularly fun, because literally true but not metaphorically...


that could only happen to Sherlock, I guess XD

(Deleted comment)

did the first one btw, thanks for the help :)

I simply can't stop stealing your icons! Thank you again!:)

HEE! Thank you so much!! Definitely taking the one I requested, Lestrade's awesome icon, and the "meet archenemy" one. *cannot stop giggling*

(Deleted comment)
the text for 1,2 and 4 is hilarious! thanks for making

to be honest 2 wasn't my idea *hides*

Take, use and credit, it's too awesome ! xD
Thank you !

Taken #4 and will credit when I upload it :)

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