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Sherlock text icons
Couldn't resist

2 color versions because it looks nice :)

   2      3      4      5      6

    8      9   10    11    12

13   14    15   16   17   18

credit is nice but not necessary

I'm working of a few for the rest of the cast but ideas are welcomed :)

Lovely! Snagging the bored one and the pool ones. :)

nice work! i enjoyed these and snagged a few thanks!

LOL. These are great! XD Thanks for making and sharing!

These are awesome! ;D The "Get a human head" one, in particular, made me laugh aloud. Snagging and will credit if uesd. ;D

thank you!

it's very important it's a human on; a different kind of head, like a lettuce's for example wouldn't do the trick XD

these are fantastic! snagging a few, will credit &hearts

Wonderful icons, I'll steal some:)

and I will turn around conveniently while you do so ;D

These are pure genius!!!
I wish I could take them all.
But I'll just have to settle with the first one.
Thanks so much!! &hearts

well, you're welcome if you want to take some more :)

These are awesome and hilarious!! Grabbing them all~ Definitely crediting when used :D

These are fantastic! I giggled at all of them. <3

Totally snagged a whole bunch of these, thank you! Will credit! ♥

these are wonderful! thanks for making & sharing!

Oh my goodness - the awesome is awesome!

Is there any chance you would put "get bored and shoot the wall" on cafepress or similar? I /yearn/ for that t-shirt!

oh... never thought about it XD;

but I can send you the image if you want, I think there are places that can print it on a t-shirt and that'd probably be more convenient *and cheaper* :)

these are all awesome! snagging #16! :)


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