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Danger!!! Brain overloaded

the LJ cut

[sticky post]DW's shenanigans

Looooooooooooooooooong loooong time no see!!

(I wonder if anyone at all will read this)

anyway, as we know there has been a massive migration to DW kinda recently so I wanted to have a backup place as well, (obligatory 'I miss vox' comment)

not that I post stuff anymore... :/

aaanyway I you wanna add me there (even if it's just for the good old memories) is


(the niannarashi.lj etc etc is also mine but I forgot the pw... so I decided to make a new one XD;;)

I guess that's it,

See ya!!


Goodness, super looong time no see huh?

but I really didn't have anything interesting to say, however; these few weeks have been slightly more eventful and since ginger_ame asked and I didn't want to whine and rant in her blog *manners, Nianna* I decided to update here

ranty rantCollapse )

Christmas cards

I don't know if anyone still reads this since I barely post

however, if you'd like a card from me please PM your address and fave member :)

First post

I'm finally here!!!

some of you already know me from vox or Aibakaland*waves* but for the ones who don't :
I'm yet another Arashi fan ^______^

to be honest I don't have the latest news, nor vids, neither scans... *apart from the ones I dl ^^UU*

so what does she has??? *you may ask ^^UU*

well, I do fanart

fanstrips to be more exact ^^

yes this is the best I can give to the community and I love doing them!!!

this is one of my faves

and if you like it feel free to join me in my crazy world!!!

Note: if you want me to add you plz leave a comment here!!! 

btw, I'm not adding blank LJs



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New Year

so I wanted to wait for the arrival of the new year here to wish everyone a


and then just a few minutes ago... the news of the earthquake -_-


I just hope no one got hurt


have a



Merry A'mas and Happy X'mas

is still a few minutes until x'mas here, so I wanna wish you all a


to all those who celebrate it and



Mr. hand pain and Da neck are giving me my present early, since right now the pain is almost perceptible so YAY! :D

See ya!!

Cards! cards!
Who wants some x'mas/a'mas cards?

made by me, that is :)

just PM me your address and fave member

*I'll write my Nazotoki review a bit later or tomorrow*

See ya!!

The best thing that happened to the sky since rainbows
has nothing to do with this postCollapse )
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Don't touch me, I don't know where you've been

and now for our periodical 'I'm not dead yet' post XDD

had to avoid the temptation of listening to the album songs before mine arrived *except for the PV of course* and surprisingly I managed even w/ ppl saying how good it was over and over on twitter

to be honest I liked it a lot

much better than the prev one

I think my fave solo is Aiba's OO I know, I know, Nino's is genius as usual, but I end up feeling a bit sad and kinda lonely after hearing it :/ *still don't know what THE MOM thinks about it*


sooo I read the rumour thing about Jun's butai... a boxer?! really? *blinks in disbelief*

I'm sorry I just can't picture him as one XD;; *hides*

oh and a fall drama for Shosus, right? I just hope the story is good I haven't watched dramas in a while *stuck in ep 4 of Jin 2* instead, I've been watching Horrible Histories *I'm sorry but it is soooo good, sometimes I only have the eps playing in the back XD*

I also started to watch Band of Brothers :) and uh Damian Lewis is in there, which made me wanna watch the Forsyte sag again and... well, I am XD;;  *I think I may have a thing for Soames oO*

oh oh I got a good reads account, so if anyone wants to add me or something here

I got a bit frustrated cuz sometimes when I check an author and found like a ton of stuff I haven't read and then look for the books on the uh local bookstores and most of the time they don't have them ._. *sigh* I know I can get them for the ipad but my eyes get tired :(

boo hoo

well, nothing else

See ya!!

*considering trying to work on the rest of the strips cuz apparently ppl miss them XD;;*
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It is known

so yeaaaah lots of things happened last week...

hmm... I think it's better to rant on another post, for now I just wanted to leave this

I hope you're the only one who thinks that Oh-chan cuz it is known what happens to piñatas right?  <--- see what I did there? XD

when I was a kid I used to cry when the one dad bought me got broken, *he always got one for me and one for my brother* and my relatives used to tease me about that :(

I don't know why, I mean I knew that's the point but I still felt horrible :/

anyway, please DO NOT REPOST


*pssst, comments are loved*

See ya!!!


ah... nothing really interesting, I just got my butai DVD *yay!* and I'm still waiting for the Ooku one :/

I was gonna wait for it to arrive to watch but I believe it won't be here till next week and by then I'm pretty sure I'd have lost all interest, so I'm dling it

oh oh I watched Game of Thrones *as pretty much everyone, I think XD* and I really liked it! I'm gonna give the audiobook another chance, *I left it cuz the narrator was a bit monotonous for my taste* when I finish the other books I'm heareading :)

and uh... since lsirial  allowed me, I'm sharing her wallie request

*tbh I like this one more than the previous one XD;;*

800x600      1024x768     1280x960

as usual


also comments are appreciated

See ya!

St. Shosus



I’m glad ppl enjoyed the strip, even when I’m out of practice XD;;


not really importantCollapse )


let’s try to cheer up w/the last Kaibutsustrip :D YAAAY!! *won’t be doing one about the SP because I’m just that lazy I already started the Natsuniji ones*



err since the cap would only come off when he figured how to defeat Demokin... does that mean he wasn't able to wash his hair? >< eww


soo, how’s everyone? I hope better than me

See ya!!

*blink, blink* Are those really back?!

I'm dling last VSA because to be honest I don't watch shows live anymore, except dramas *bad Nianna! bad Nianna!*

anyway, as I said I've been working on new strips *coughre-watchingdramascough* poor me, I suffer and suffer XD and I have also been thinking about the 2 days thing...

now, I usually get now and then someone who wants to read past strips and I have to put my mean face and say sorry, and afterwards I feel horrible because well, they ask really nicely and all that

I understand it's not always possible to check stuff in two days and I don't really have and schedule so ppl don't know when I'm gonna post *I don't even know either XD;;* 

therefore I thought that I could give another try and leave them open like it used to be *like the old times *sniff**

that said

Demokin's adventures in Narnia!! XD  *I'd watch that*

so I'm just asking to NOT REPOST

pretty please?

also comments are appreciated

guess that's it, hope everyone is ok

See ya!!

btw satosuki  I've been dling a bunch of Monkey Majik stuff and it's totally your fault :Db

Selling myself
soooo jumped in the fundraiser bandwagon at arashi_on

as you know I can only offer fanart, so if you're interested my thread is here

thanks! :)


Happy New Year!!
I want to wish everyone an

Arashiawase New Year!!

I hope this new year turns out to be a great one :D

Tangled icons
Because I have nothing better to do...

sliiighlty spoileryCollapse )
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¿Amigo o enemigo?

ah if you want me to add you here plz comment w/your vox name so I know who you are


Moar moar icons
   2     3     4     5    

   7     8     9     10

credit is nice but not necessary

past entries


More text icons
    2      3     4

    6     7     8


credit is nice but not necessary

working on Lestrade's... he's difficult! :(

as you know, it's my new obsession :)


c'mon it's nice and you know that you wanna

I'm part of Team sexy Holmes *in case you wanted to know*

Watson text icons
Hmm... not sure if these are as good as Sherlock's :(

    2      3      4

    6       7      8

credit is nice but not necessary :)

Sherlock text icons
Couldn't resist

2 color versions because it looks nice :)

   2      3      4      5      6

    8      9   10    11    12

13   14    15   16   17   18

credit is nice but not necessary

I'm working of a few for the rest of the cast but ideas are welcomed :)

It's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

VSA-  no idea, I suppose it's ok as usual *decided to sleep a little more*

HnA surprisingly it wasn't as annoying as I thought it was gonna be, in fact it was way more fun than usual *le gasp*
hmm but correct me of I'm wrong but, hadn't they already explained their uh intro thing? I kinda remember that oO

ahh we had someone from the old GRA days!! :D **which is the show I always forget it even existed XD;;*

oh and Ohno's little wiggly thing... I went *KYAA!!* OO   do you know when was the last time I did that? me neither ._.

so despite of the guests you should watch it, really


oh right

sometimes it's not that bad to remember stuff you know? XDD

*as usual locked in 2 days*


no Disney songs this time! OO

To dance again- AVPM

been humming/singing this aaaaaall day :D

Different as can be -AVPM

love this pairing, Voldemort/Quirrel FTW
I just finished AVPS a few minutes ago, it's was good but not as good as AVPM
and I *cough* have a slight crush on Joe Walker 's arms XD;;  seriously, he's great :Db

oh oh and Lucius was awesome too

I just wish there was more Draco in it ):

yes yes I'm Slytherin bias, so what?

*gets bricked*

ok just one last song

Not alone - AVPM

this one makes me a bit misty eyed

well that's it

See ya!It


Natsuniji finally started... and I love the song!! OO
and more ramblings, plus spoilers and other stuff...Collapse )

...and beyond!!!



LOOOOVED IT!!!  *cap obvious much?*

I wanna watch it again, maybe next week

and I'm so happy it was released this week instead of next cuz I can't think of anything else right now *next week is my japanese exam :S*

I wanna flail but I won't cuz I don't wanna spoil anyone D:

but as I promised

You've got a friend in me japanese ver

and and

You've got a friend in me jazz ver

...I'm getting my toys out to play tomorrow *coughPixarguiltcough*

oh and there's this post on NPR and I thought how cool would it be if everyone posted a pic of their fave toy... but I know no one will :/

maybe I will just for the sake of it :)  *if anyone cares*   except I never had a fave one *as you see, I'm challenged at picking since always XDD*

See ya!!

To infinity...

so anyone else is excited about TS3??

I'm sure my tweeps are all tired of me... sorry

but I CAN'T WAIT!!! *runs in circles*

today we went to buy tickets and luckily the subbed ver is available there

I checked the prev days and only a few theaters got it and all are too far away from where I live D:

so after that, we went to see the toys and no sign of Masapea plushie D:

but there's an AWESOME and expensive Buzz!!!

so I went all... well, all fangirly and flaily *is that a word? oO* and I'm sure everyone in the store saw me

I bet he can flyyyyy!!! or fall w/style, I guess it depends on how beyond he wants to go X3 *bro facepalms*

therefore if I can't find the Masapea I'll gather enough money to buy it :Db

and *cough* I want a Woody too *shrugs* what can I say? I love both

so I was singing the songs most part of the day both spanish and english ver XDD;;; and I'm learning the japanese ne but I sound dumb cuz of the timing I guess *I'll post it tomorrow*

and and and

my fave part is *You're a BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!*

I'll probably said that at the store... I was too excited

sooo who is/are your fave chars? mine are Woody, Buzz, Rex and the aliens *and Masapea & cia but I haven't see them in action XDD;;;*



See ya!!!

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Guess who I found


so as you know I have this sick thing of somehow relate a lot of stuff to the guys, right?

well, this is the latest addition

I'm so gonna buy one of those!! if I find them here *I'm still working on who the other 2 are XDD*

See ya!!

so *ahem* now you know how I'm calling him from now on, don't you? XDD *hides*

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Look out the door...


the usual

VSA- it was ok, still have no idea who the plus one is XD;;;

HnA- quite fun, I'm glad the VIP girl wasn't annoying at all *and I love her image of Ohno XD* the second part... uh was the guessing thing right? I don't like that corner that much so I pretty much just listened to it *shrugs* -_-

Kaibutsu-kun - don't worry no spoilers, hmm for this to be the exciting ending I didn't find it exciting at all XD;; *gets bricked* for me the best part was Squishy's appearance
oh and there will be an SP :D ...or something like that

AniS surprisingly I did like this one cuz I actually learned something!! *and Aiba-chan was adorable* in fact it's the only AniS I've told THE MOM about *I do only w/shows I like* so yay! :Db

uhh not much, exam is in 2 weeks and I'm doubting I've really learned something orz

 songs of the post!!! :D

this time no Disney *and don't think I can't hear you cheering*

so I was listening to the PC itunes *it has my bro music and some of mine but mostly his* and I found

The monster song

I loooooooooooooooove it!!! been listening to it all day :3

and this one just cuz someone shared the albums and I got curious about this group... and this is the song I like the most so far :)

I just wanna kiss you

<<  >>   and uh oh, could it be??


*le gasp*

so next time you have that feeling... check your clothes first XDD *gets bricked*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

ok, this is pretty much the only ep I have seen w/ subs *cuz I was too lazy to try to understand* so... if the idea is not correct it's not my entire fault ok? *hides from subbers*

See ya!!!

[this is good]
Thank you ^___^
Now if only that shirt shrank in real life, I'd be happy \0/

ooh that li'l evil game otaku! <333

this is so cute!! his clothes shrank!! did nino had something to do with it? haha..thanks 4 sharing
hahahah! cute XDD
[هذا هو الحكم]




sooo let's see... got a package from Maelis *THANKS AGAIN :D*

got my SnY and I haven't opened it yet *as usual*

we got news about Shosus :D but reading the info I guess we won't get any hospital action... like operations and stuff ): hmmm how sad, I love that XD;;

oh and more scenes of GANTZ!! :D  I'm sooooo excited about it, it's more my type of thing XD;;

besides that, nothing interesting I believe...

is anyone excited about the World Cup?

ooooh songs of the post

another nice ver

Everybody wants to be a cat

btw the weird sounds are kitty sounds <3

and a remix :3

I wan'na be like you

uh I think I'm running out of exciting covers... does anyone mind if I keep uploading the bossanova stuff?? it's really nice but I don't want to bother anyone D:


ewww ><

uh... I don't think this combination works XDD;;

btw don't get used to me uploading strips that often XDD

*locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

Kawaiii....LOL! Riida so cute.:)

Yeah it pays to be OCD. XD

XD!!!! O-chan/Kaibutsu-kun is really just looking out for the well-being of his fellow members :3 Since he is after all Riida ;D Gotta love how Aiba-chan doesn't question what is this "delicious" item placed in his cereal. Very trusting :3 then again who can say no to that cute face of O-chan. XD!!!!

Thanks for sharing this :) <33 *giggles at the strip some more*
Hahaha! Poor, poor Aiba. I love his shocked face when he tastes his cereal with the 'special' ingredient! XD

cereal with raw eggs??

uhm... yeah. XD

hahahahahahaha!!!!!! WIN!
hahaha nianna... i thought he added curry. but raw egg is much better!




what can I say? with all the great news around I'm quite excited :D

and LOL at the fans that crashed CDJ... fanpower XDD

I wasn't one cuz I got mine a little earlier *was refreshing every few seconds... I have no life XD;;*

and now waiting for the other one... *sigh*

hmm oh yeah

VSA it was good, we could see the airmuscles *_______* it's been a while, huh?

AniS aaah... it was better than the last one, it had some fun parts :)

oh and on japanese class there was a sentence that just said *children's song* as an explanation but I didn't realize that I knew it till NSS Sensei kinda sang it... then I was OMG OMG I KNOW THAT SONG, IT WAS ON UnO!!  *the sing is Yuki if you wanna know* so I was trying to remember the lyrics of it while trying to pay attention -_-;; oh self...

besides that, nothing truly interesting

and now: songs of the uh... post? XDD  *just links over here in case it's too bothersome*

Part of your world

this one is not Disney related but I loooove so...



seriously Shosus, what kind of question is that? XDD;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*


See ya!!

still no ideas for Ninomonth ._.

LOL XD Yeah! He's the cute one! :3 I bet Nino-chan would've figured that out in a heartbeat ;D Tsk tsk Sho-kun. Obviously he should be paying attention more closely. ^w^ *gets bricked* <3 This strip. Riida/Kaibutsu-kun's response is so like him XD!!!!! Thanks for sharing this!
it's been a long time since my last comment but this one really made me smile.
he's right, kaibutsu-kun is really cute. XD
the pause made me smile and oh-chan's reply got me LOL.
he's obviously the cute one!
i really like ur drawings, so cute! thanks for sharing! ^^

Shonderella, Shonderella

soo we're finally on Nino's month huh?

and as usual I don't know what to do to celebrate *that is IF I do something at all DX*


uh nothing interesting, I was watching Aladdin in japanese and surprisingly I had a bit more trouble trying to understand than I have w/ dramas and variety shows oO

aaand since the Disney thing isn't going away I'm gonna put some nice covers I've got... just because
music musicCollapse )

ok, ok, I guess you don't come here to hear *read?* me flail about this stuff, right?

<<  >>

I already had the idea for this one but I was too lazy to do it XDD  why Nino wasn't a guest on this ep is a mystery, since it's obvious he's perfect for the theme!! D:

*note I used google to translate the writing on the guy, so I' don't know if it's correct or if it even makes any sense XDD*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

talking about that, I know there's a few ppl who want to add me but don't know if I'm fine w/that... I don't mind at all, just keep in mind that the rule for the strips applies to everyone, I want to be fair 

uuh I guess that's it :D

See ya!!

LOL... y couldnt they get Nino to guest star?!
i love this comic strip! so funny! $cha-ching$
LOL. XD Nino is so cute here <3
And yes, why no cameo on Kaibutsuken?! :p
ROFL!!! Of all the candidates he picks, he chooses the wonder boy who stopped aging after 17 ;D Heehee. Free money for the lil gamer XD!!! Thanks for sharing this!!! <33333

It's our problem free, philosophy


so still on Disney mode :D

now after listening for uh I don't know how many times to Aladdin, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, Mulan and some covers of other songs...

hey you,  where is Hakuna Matata?! WHERE IS IT??!!

*GASP* OMG! self, this is MAJOR FAIL OO

I know -_- I still don't know why I'm stuck with you...

so I got it and I remembered that I uh *cough* I... kinda... had a thing for Adult Simba's voice in that song... *creepski I know*



...I still like it a lot *hides*

now, I went all curious because I'm familiar just with the spanish *latin american that is* and the english version but I hadn't heard other versions *except for the multi-track but that doesn't count*
so I went on a Hakuna Matata spree and uh wanted to listen to uh *coughSimba'svoicecough* errr this is really embarrassing *hides*

so I ah have pretty much all the versions I could find on yt XD;;  *btw the french version of Simba cub's voice is super cute <3*

well someone commented that Timon's voice is hot... oO

so I have to ask because well... it's Timon!

Hakuna Matata *spanish*

Hakuna Matata *japanese*

Hakuna Matata *french*

oh and I'm learning the japanese version *still have a bit of trouble w/ Pumbaa's story XD;;* 

and theeeen I went for Tarzan and I remembered I have Sakamoto's ver of *You'll be in my heart* that I thought it was just a cover but nooooo he sang the songs for the movie *facepalm*


I knoow, I knoow, JE FAIL

anyway, I ripped those too :D  plus the french and german versions

*and I watched it yesterday :D*

after that, there was this link to Kiss the girl japanese ver which is lovely!! and uh I realized I hadn't listened to the english ver yet *facepalm*


ok, I grew up with the spanish ver ok? it's completetly understandable!! ..right? right?!

aha, yeah

so I listened to it and err for once I prefer other versions

Kiss the girl *spanish*

Kiss the girl *japanese*

Kiss the girl *french*

something fun is that uh my bro used to go w/my cousins to this kinda boy scouts thing and he said that one time one of the older guys just started to sing the *shalalalalalala* part and soon all the guys were singing the song XDD pity there's no footage
oh oh and I was checking this Disney cover site and there was this cool vid, love it!

so yeah still on Disney mode

if you have suggestions for stuff I should listen to... :3

See ya!


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*GASP* She's still alive!


long time no see, right?

ok so quick re-cap

I didn't watch AniS nor Kaibutsu-kun on purpose cuz I was dead tired and I just have around an hour after those shows finish to get ready for class therefore no time to take a nap, so I had to do it

now VSA- was fine, I think we need more new games or bring back uh well I think there's just the one... where they shoot balls at someone... nah bring new ones

HnA- infomercials and not even for new stuff! D: then some food *and uh no matter how delicious it is I could never eat raw meat DX* and mannequin corner...

oh after VSA there was an USO! Japan -ish  show and there was featured a place over here! oO *it was really weird* it's this uh small island thingie called "La Isla de las Muñecas" or Doll's Island were there are a bunch of dolls hanged on trees and stuff... quite creepy, you can google if you wanna see pics

what else?

oh I got my CD today, I was expecting it for tomorrow oO

and talking about that, the PV? meh

I hope the next album will be really good because I haven't been impressed about the latest songs :/

oh and I was listening to Winnie the Pooh *it's been featured on BBC radio* and hee I went around getting Disney songs for my ipod... XD;; and I got curious, do you have a fave Disney song? I have quite a few so I can't really choose X3

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I've been still depressed *you know why* so I couldn't bring me to do any creative stuff, I already had the ideas but just no will to do it, even thought it's not like something that would take me days and days to do D:

let's call it fail of the uh month? year? :/

however, I convinced myself to do at least one so, yay?

I know... laaame but uh it's something

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!


^w^ But he looks so adorable in that yellow outfit of his. Not to mention re-affirming the forever young portrait. Seriously he doesn't look like he's about to hit the big 3-0 =x

Thanks for sharing this!!! <3
we will respect the almighty leader of arashi, no matter what he wears (or does not wear). XD
I just love the humor in your strips! Yellow is apparently his favorite color...hmm, the Nino connection. XD

great imagination you've got there XD


yeah! show him some love...

[esto es genial]
I missed seeing your drawings!!!
Poor Rida, he doesn't get the respect he "deserves" :D
XDDD poor Riida, he's sooo adorable no matter what he wears

Inspiration... or something

let's see

AnS- next one is the last one... ;_;  besides that we had what I consider as a new entry in the Dictionaibary, I think everyone knows what I'm talking about but I don't want to spoil

also pre order of the SnY DVD... too expensive!!! DX

NE's price is... not thaaaaat bad, but the LE  D: I could agree a little bit if it was half more expensive but double :/

and I know I don't really like it but I want it ._.   *thanks JE* 


not much, since my bro didn't let me sleep I took a nap at noon and I missed the short track team webcast... >< luckily it was recorded and it was hilarious, love the guys

I was thinking how wild it'll be if Arashi did one too *sigh* I suppose I ask for too much :/

ahm still hooked on the project runway thing, I even started to think what would I do in some challenges XD;;

actually, there's was this time when we had a project to intervene a piece of clothing and try to represent like a social problem or something like that I don't really remember... and let me brag a little about it, mine was one of the best :D

so now I'm curious if I could perhaps do something interesting with the t-shirts I have instead of just painting them...

we'll see

now something you care more than just my useless rants...

ohhh c'mon Nino he's just trying to visualize the problem... with plushies XDD

*as usual locked in 2 days*

ah I've been having fun answering to questions, so if you wanna ask me anything you can do it here  *doesn't matter if you're shy since it's anonymous*

See ya!!

i love how jun says things... lmao~


A long awaited gif attack
1060       1061       1062

1063       1064       1065

1066       1067       1068

1069       1070       1071

1072       1073       1074

1075       1076       1077

1078       1079       1080

1081       1082       1083

1084       1085       1086

1087       1088       1089

1090       1091       1092

1093       1094       1095

1096       1097       1098

1099       1100       1101

1102       1103       1104

1105       1106       1107

1108       1109       1110

1111       1112       1113

1114       1115       1116

1117       1118       1119

1120       1121       1122

1123       1124       1125 

1126       1127       1128

1129       1130       1131

1132       1133       1134

1135       1136       1137

1138       1139       1140

1141       1142       1143

1144       1145       1146

1147       1148       1149

1150       1151       1152

1153       1154       1155

1156       1157       1158

1159       1160       1161

1162       1163      

as usual no need to ask for permission but comments are love :D

See ya!!

Just saying...
St. Shosus

ahh opened a formspring account

so if you want to ask me something you can do it here!! *and it's anonymous so yay!! :D*

Stuff you always wanted to know or something like that XDD

...short PV

spelling supervised by Aiba-chan of course!!! XDD  *if you don't know what I'm talking about you'll know soon*

not much, been watching olympics again XD;;

See ya!!! 
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Short short short

I just lost my entry... YAAAY!!! ._.

ah I think I just said that TK was ok...

I started to put Arashi songs as background music during the game between Canada vs USA cuz I was listening to troublemaker when it started and it kinda matched... so I tried a few others XDD;;;

hmmm I guess that was it *not a big loss as you can see*

oh oh I keep forgetting, go read this comic cuz it's brilliant!!!

makes me feel bad about myself *which as you know is not exactly new* aaaaand makes me want an Aiba/Ohno team up in order to make a comic *with a few guest collaborations by Shosus of course*

it's not Arashi related but it's awesome nonetheless

now for something not that... that... well, just my stuff

I think he has to add *punchbag* in there too XDDD;;;

*as usual locked in 2 days*

See ya!!

"We're diversifying" <-- XDXD
Diversifying is always good ^^b
Hahahaha, but in a way, just seeing how Tamura-kun keeps poking his nose into everyone's businesses in attempts to help, the card makes sense. Hahaha, diversifying, just making it official. ;D. <3 Thanks for sharing this!! :)

Look at that! Real people!

ahh been spending my time between Olympics and Arashi XD;;

aaaaand I was saying to my tweeps how much I want for the AnS staff to organize an Arashi Olympics :D

nothing serious obviously, I remember they already did some skating in GRA if I'm correct, but c'mon how hilarious would that be??
also I'd like to see a hockey match and they can invite TOKIO and Kanjani for extra fun!! :Db

on the same topic *sorta* yesterday I was watching a bit of the curling stuff and here is not really known, so the commentators were explaining what the deal is when I got a mental image of the guys playing it oO but I discarded it, till later... when I was taking a shower it hit me *minor sports!!*

so I did a little research and yes, they presented a different and lighter version of it XDD

great self, you don't remember the stuff you have to but you remember that??!!

yes, so?


so today's VSA was nice, plus one wasn't annoying aaand Oh-chan looked super cute in falling pipe :D

HnA-ah... I missed part of it cuz KH kept messing w/the sound so I had to keep restarting it :/
the new corner seems interesting, I thought the point was saying something nice about the guest but seems it's giving him/her advice about a problem XD;; and they have brainy specs!!! *I know, but I love brainy specs*

aaand since I had enough time...

ok, there's a x-over with Saigo no yakusoku, so yet again if you haven't seen it *and I don't know why, since it's been out for about a month* DO NOT READ IT

I guess this is enough space

uh uh you don't ask Sho about his dark and mysterious past as a lousy terrorist   *yes, yes, they succeeded but that's because it was written on the script!!*

*as usual locked in 2 days*

The things you make up... the rules


so MS...


as usual I presume everyone and their mom has already seen it :D *mine has and she wants to know who did Squishy's hair to slap him/her on the head*

I missed to see them perform... and I want a PV for Yurase ima wo -_-  I don't care if it's another uh simple one


ahm HnA uhh all I remember form the first part was Oh-chan doing some calligraphy XD;;

and for the mannequin part the girl who likes Nino...

next week there's brainy specs!!! X3

ah, yesterday I was watching some tv cuz I wanted to see when were the Olympics gonna be broadcast and there was nothing!!! no promos at all!! D: there were some for the World Cup but nothing else DX

the only good thing is that there was a re-run of... Animaniacs!!


...yes, I got really excited hee hee

in the end there is broadcast, in fact I'm re-watching the inauguration right now cuz it started late over here *I have no idea why*

also I have an important question *for me, that is*

are the latest strips that bad??

cuz *and I know I shouldn't do this* I tend to measure how good the strip is based on how many comments I get and well, even when I usually don't get tons and tons of comments, this time there were so few that I suppose most of decided to follow that quote "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" D:

I guess I should try harder, huh? ._.

anyway... since I'm trying to catch up

uh Shosus... the girl is like 4? do you believe she knows what are you talking about?? XDD

See ya!!

aww.. still a safe landing though XD cute!


Me too...
since a few ppl in my flist posted it... why not?

I wonder if someone will actually leave a message...

ah that sounds kinda sad XD;;;